Sunday, January 25, 2015


Life is full of endless possibilities.

Life is so often delightful. But for some at the moment it is the reverse. Some face tough tough trials.

There's always something of course, the little things people face. Even me. I have done my back in. Within a few days it will be just fine I am sure.

But some have the kind of trial that does not go away after a day or two. Some face trials that challenge the very heart of their being. For them it takes time to recuperate their inner strength. I am sure it will get easier to cope. Well for most of us it does. We have to be gentle with ourselves for a time until, by the grace of God, we grow more able to cope, as we will.

Every good gift comes from God. God is never evil, he does not tempt us. That is not his way. The evil in this world, including sickness and death, we introduce into this world, just as we introduce sin. But it is not our fault. Nothing that happens to you is your fault. Not anyone's fault.

But sometimes you must feel very weak.

When we are weak, we are strong. God's power is greatest in weakness.

Such a beautiful time of year this normally is, but for some a time filled with tests, trials and tribulations.

Your friends and family are there to comfort you, as is God. Your comforter is the very spirit of the living God. All shall be well. That, at least, I know. All shall be well.

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