Saturday, June 13, 2015

Strike now

There were two men walking an one said to the other, "I love you."
And the other said to the first, "Prove it."
And the first said, "How shall I prove it?"
And the other said, "Give me all that you have."

There are moments in time when things need doing and moments to withhold your hand. A young friend of mine is about to marry and she is still at college. What an awesome commitment to make so young. For why? To prove her love? To give all you have? Can that really be right?

There is no greater act than the act of commitment in marriage. It is the giving of a life to the other. It is total surrender. It should be undertaken with the gravest caution if you are fortunate enough to have any choice in the matter.

Otherwise, as is sometimes the case, when you have no choice, when circumstances dictate, when you are just powerless, then so be it. As in all things, when you have no choice, Strike. And Strike now!

So too with giving your life to God,

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