Friday, June 26, 2015

And so Listen

The way I see it:
What you will do, you will do. What you can do, you don't.
Too obscure? What I mean is that God, your conscience, the still small voice, the Great Unknown, call he, she or it what you will, is right there to sustain you. You can be fearless. He watches your going in and your coming out. He meets your needs, whether they be spiritual, or physical, in every way you will be sustained, heart and soul. But it's conditional, you have to do his bidding. Not that his bidding is to wear a hair shirt. But he does expect us not to be distracted from his purpose. And in that context:
There is nothing you may not do, save what you may not do.
Obscure again? Not really. Because God has given us to know what we may not do. You don't need any scripture for that, you have your own innate sense of natural justice. Which makes life simple. Which makes you fortunate indeed.

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