Sunday, January 11, 2015

Why we matter?

Ahhh, what children we all are. We have our needs and we burst upon this world for instants in eternity bright coloured and filled with excitement. And then where do we go? I believe we live for ever. I wish to believe that we live for ever. And what's more it seems reasonable. Creation is not wasteful. The creator is not wasteful more to the point and I am fully aware of the creator, the great unknown, and the intense degree of her / his involvement in our small but so dramatic lives. We are each one of us like mini soap operas but each with the potential of an epic. That's how we should live our lives of course, each of us, on an epic scale, in the knowledge that our lives matter exquisitely to our fellow man / woman if not to God and all the host of heaven who watch on from the wings. Which is why we should be selfless. Also why we should be loyal.

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