Sunday, October 5, 2014

All of us

The universe is alive, the sum of its parts. It is born. It lives. It will die. And at the moment it is very, very, very young.

Think of creation as all that is that is not the Great Unknown. Creation is not unique in so much as this is not the one and only universe. Others exist. Those others in the cosmos that is itself a bubble bath of universes are each unique in so much as they are each different from the other, just as one person differs from the next.

None the less, this universe is constructed along basic lines, a framework that is mirrored in all creation. That part of the material universe that we - for want of a better word - call inanimate, is the body. The animate (both sentient and non-sentient) is the spirit, or life force. Whereas that which is sentient is, or has the potential to be, the mind.

Our own world is young, and humanity far, far younger. The human race becomes more interdependent, as we develop a cyborg character, linked by a web of intimate communication at both the macro and the micro level that draws us ever closer one to the other. If this is a hive-like existence, ours is a hive without a queen. Ours will become a collective consciousness. The whole will progress (or regress as happens at time of war) as it grows, whilst individuals, like cogs in a machine, wear out over time and are replaced.

That everything dies is a given, whether it be a universe, a galaxy, a solar system, or an individual. One road to immortality is therefore the development of a collective consciousness whereby we meld one with the other to such a degree that individual identity becomes less critical. The ultimate purpose of this Gaea-like, quasi-Avatar existence is to transcend that which is material in order to manifest a spiritual reality that can never die.

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