Sunday, September 28, 2014


Process theologians reckon that we are, in a sense, the body of God.

Well, He should take better care of his health then.

I believe in a living, breathing universe that is composed of the very stuff God's made of - but that stands apart from God. A broken universe that, in the microcosm that is this world, protests at our gross neglect of creation - hence, for instance, the earthquake in the Indian Ocean and consequent Tsunami, the floods in America, and all such incidents, were a warning - a response to our bad stewardship of the natural world . . . Perhaps.
Or perhaps God simply doesn't recognise the great crises, such as death, indeed most particularly death, as we do. Thus God is God of the minutiae - interfering to direct the small things as each day passes - indeed even intervening in major ways should it not impact the free will of another - and should We ask for His intervention. But not on the macro scale in this broken world. Not normally. Scarce ever.

And if we set ourselves up to judge the actions of God, we should perhaps also judge ourselves. Whether we intervene or not is a judgement we make just as God makes His. The key, though, is that we should act in a spirit of selflessness. Which of course means we think nothing of our own death, of our own needs. Our total focus is on the other.

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