Monday, May 18, 2015

Where I Stand

William Morris
Maybe it is best to make clear, this once, just where I stand in regard to my faith.

My heritage is Christian Scientist / Evangelical. In Wales I was ordained an Elder in the United Reform Church and started lay preaching. More latterly in Cornwall I studied theology and was ordained a Lay Reader with the Anglicans. In due course my Sufi friend and mentor, Ayatollah Safavi, agreed to become my "Marjah" or spiritual advisor.

More recently I became intrigued by the Moral Re Armament movement, and the four Absolutes they espouse, Absolute Honesty, Love, Purity and Selflessness. That plus the unique spin they have on the Sufi practice of listening to the still small voice within whereby they seek guidance and jot down their thoughts in a quasi meditative collective act of contemplation and sharing. I am committed to this practice.

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