Sunday, December 28, 2014

So Who Is God?

God expects us to depend on Him when crisis strikes, to ask Him to help. Yet what agonies of prayer must have gone up from good people in the days of the Concentration Camps. God permitted that martyrdom.

I wonder if God is a woman. Perhaps I'll try again, praying to Her rather than to HIM. I tried that before and found it difficult but interesting. Our view of God is too father-centric And by allowing the pendulum to swing you eventually find centre. The reality is, of course, that though built in our image (as we are in "His"), He is neither male nor female. Many do pray to God as a woman however; they just call her the Blessed Virgin Mary.

But what do we want? What have we ever wanted from God? What does the Saviour save us from? What would we have Him save us from? From death? Maybe from sin? No. What we want to be saved from is our troubles. I have plenty of those. Oceans of them. Just like you.

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