Sunday, December 14, 2014

Selfless Life

What's the meaning of life? Not the great purpose, the purpose of the species or the universe. No, the individual purpose. Yours. Mine.

We hope for the comfort that love, sex, security represent. We hope for adventure. We hope to create, to build.
Happiness is a habit - based on the constant and deliberate decision to put compassionate care for others first. But not to do what pleases others when it conflicts with what is right.
On the other hand, happiness requires that you place your needs first in your deliberations with your inner self and in your choices for action. Thus you choose your own direction and you don't blame others for the constraints placed upon you. Your adventures are yours to determine and yours alone.

That does not mean that you do not have obligations - commitments that are the demands of honour. Commitments to home and hearth for instance. These obligations are there of your own choice, woven close by the threads of love.
None the less you choose and continue to choose your adventures. Certainly the scope of your quests may be limited in some pragmatic way by the constraints of both your conscience and your care for those that surround you. Those constraints you choose. But you are inventive enough to overcome all other limitations. For the ultimate secret is that you have no true limits. To believe otherwise is a sin - As much and as if you were to limit God.

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