Sunday, November 23, 2014

So Why be Selfless?

Why is it that most of our troubles, our obsessions, are sexual? Not most of our worries. We worry about health, happiness, debt and the rest. But those do not obsess us in quite the same way as sex.

So what's the thing that the Great Unknown had in His / Her mind when he made us like this anyway? For God's sake, why should I care? Men don't feel guilt anyway - not the way a woman does. We feel shame of course. But that's different, a more transient and immediate thing than guilt. I don't think men have any comprehension of guilt the way a woman does - that dwell on it, reflect on it, dig it all up again female guilt.
Conversely of course, women have no comprehension, cannot truly conceive, the predominant male hang ups. Fear of failure for instance. That is a male thing big-time and though a woman can experience a frisson of what it is to fear failure, she can never truly appreciate how mind numbingly awful that fear can be for a man.

Truth is though - almost all fear is selfish - which is why selflessness is so empowering.

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